#Freethinkers Ep.1 – How should CHH React to JGivens 8.5.18

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THE NEW SHOW KICKS OFF!! The first radio show on Millennial FM 95.9 in Columbia, SC was CRAZY with a live performance by Cierra BlesssedInDaHouse, an on-air CHH Rap Cypher with Adam Larenz, AC the Future, JusListen of FTFG and Freeze of #TeamJesus. TiffanyJ stopped by and hipped us to #SuperBeauty, a doll with superpowers that helps cure depression. And we gave you ten songs to add to your playlist. #Freethinkers. THEN, we got the discussion on JGivens with Pastor Jake Whicker, I.I.C.E., Chayil Eden, Kevin “Humble Servant” Frederick, David Simmons, James Benbow and Shonte Darby. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and leave a REVIEW!
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